Apr 3, 2012

Sweater with Lace Stripes Tutorial

Three things I love about early spring fashion - wearing a sweater without a jacket, nautical stripes and lace :)
So a little while ago I made myself a striped sweater with some lace trim I bought at the closing sale of a Fabricland by me for super cheap and an old Zara sweater.
The steps are pretty simple and all you need is a sweater, scissors, lace trim, pins, tape measure, and matching needle and tread.

I made a little slideshow of how you set it up.... that ened up a little big but its still pretty cool
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 Step one:
Figure out the spacing with your tape measure and place pins to mark the spots, its probably a good idea to do this on both sides so that the lines are straight.

Step two:
Cut your lace trim to the right lengths, I decided to just do it on the front section because thats all I had enough lace for but all the way around or on the arms could be cute too. :)

Step three:
Hand sew on the lace making sure to keep the stiches on the outside small and hidden in the dark parts of the lace.

And enjoy!


~Be Inspred!~