Apr 14, 2011

Cut Out Shirt

Hi everyone... Remember me? I used to hang out here all the time!! but lately I've been hard to find.

I went to Toronto for couple days and had my first exam earlier today so its been a little busy around here. Guess what I have for you today?! A cool DIY from LoveMeagan that I tried out.

Here is her's: 

And Here is Mine!:

It was pretty easy, and I decided not to cut out the shoulder so all around I am very happy with it.

Only one problem: The edges were left unfinished and started to pull a little even though it is jersey. So I spent some time over the weekend hand sewing a tiny little hem around all of the holes, tiny because I didn't really leave a seam allowance for it. 

I am a little disappointed in how it turned out after the alteration in the end because the geometric look of the corners is lost and the bars are too thin. Also I don't have more new pictures for you because I am having a terribly unphotogenic day, so you get another cute one from before.

If I were to do it again I would:
- Make the bars between the holes wider to allow for a hem, 
- Practice my hand stitching and use some more patience,  
- Perhaps use some fusible reinforcer.
- Figure out a way to use bias tape that might preserve the crisp edges.

~Be Inspired~


...love Maegan said...

Nice Job!!! I love the color too!

Kate S. said...

Thanks! It was an old American Apparel top. :)