Apr 5, 2011

Feeling Accomplished

I am on the communications team for my local AIESEC chapter. AIESEC is awesome and if you are a university student you should definitely check it out at your school (we are in 110 countries so I'm guessing you have one), its all about leadership and global internships and travel and awesome good times.

ANYways, I Stumbled 70 GIMP Tutorials and thought I would see whether I could figure something out for our display board.

I used this one: Light Effects
and made this!:

I know its a little in your face but I am so proud of myself, the tutorial was for one letter but I went ahead and did six! and I added the stars all by myself!

Ok I'm done bragging. Time to do some homework.

~Be Inspired~


KMiller said...

Good Day,

I hail from the Principality of Sealand, and to my dismay there is no local AIESEC chapter. Perhaps you could bring this up at the next general assembly?

- Sir Reginald V. Hoffstader III

Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering the tutorial you were using doesn't let me the screenshots but could you please provide them if that's not to much to ask?