Feb 12, 2011

Clothing Renew

My first self made outfit post! Well maybe "self made" is a bit of a stretch... the title is more true to reality - I just altered an old dress to make it new again! Yay me!!

Original Dress:

I always thought it made me look a little juvenile

Maybe its not the dress that is juvenile.... :P

Full Length {Silly} Shot!!

"Enough with the before shots already! If it was so bad why do I need to see four pictures of it?!"
I just know this is what is going through your mind right now.
So I'll get moving right along then:

Step 1: use scissors to cut just above the elastic empire waist.
Step 2: you are now the proud owner of a black jersey skirt!

I actually first realised this is what I wanted to do with this old dress when Meagan from ...Love Meagan did the same with one of her dresses she wasnt quite happy with.

Obviously I am happy with my new skirt.

This is just an outfit I through together for the pictures but tonight I have a whole black and gold outfit planned for my house mate's birthday dinner!

~Be Creative!~

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