Oct 29, 2011

Rope Belt 3 Ways

I have wanted to make a rope belt and necklace for some time and was more recently inspired by Love Maegan and Style Scrapbook to go ahead with the plan. When the Fabricland near my work was moving and had a huge sale on trims I finally had the resources to follow through. The best part is that this item can be worn three different ways!


Skirt: Christian Dior, vintage. Shirt: H&M.



So I used a double figure 8 knot that I learned at summer camp years and years ago which is really great for rock climbing, but you can use any knot you find attractive... or not (ha ha) two ropes hand sewn together would look pretty cute too :D

Here is some of the inspiration I mentioned above:

 Style Scrapbook modeling a COS necklace

If I do something like this again I think it will be closer to this one, its so cool :)

~Be Inspired~

Oct 20, 2011

Same Idea Three Ways

The Glamourai posted about not having enough time to think of wildly fashionable outfits for every day and how with the same general idea you can look stlyish multiple ways. Here's a peek of her three White Tops, Black Skirts post:

Get the whole post, with the rest of her great outfits and their details here: www.theglamourai.com/

Much more chic then my go to (jeans and a cute tee)

~Be Inspired~

Oct 17, 2011

Mint and Sprinkles Nails!

I love painting my nails, even though they are usually short and my cuticles are crappy. This trend of painting one nail sparkly really grabbed my eye a couple months ago but I didn't have the glitter power until recently.


via Pinterest

Both via Love Maegan

 So here you have it, from my finger tips to your eye balls....

Joe Fresh Mint, Dollarama glitter glue, Lancome topcoat.

~Be Inspired~