Apr 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter for those who care and for everyone else happy Spring :)

Yay for those of us with chocolate, my family was nice enough to visit me this weekend!

Apr 19, 2011

Patio Season!

Its sunny and beautiful, school is almost over and the patios are opening all over the city. If only it was above 6 degrees and I didn't have an exam tomorrow...

Here are some gorgeous outdoor retreats from across the interweb to get you dreaming about warm breezes and cold beers.

~Be Inspired~

Apr 18, 2011

Monday Monday

So I have been working on a couple clothing renews the past couple days, but by process is so eratic that I didnt take any pictures of the "How-to" steps. They turned out pretty cute though so I'm thinking about drawing up a little tute by hand so that a least I can pretend that I am a good blogger :D

For today though I will share with you these these really cool high heels!


Gum heel



Sling shots

I would actually wear a couple of those, the slingshots and probably the mallards, but you can check out a couple more of Kobi Levi's fun designs here: Incredibly Creative High Heels.

Be back soon with some for of tutorial and pictures of the finished products!

~Be Inspired~

Apr 16, 2011

Quick Post: Maxi Skirts

They are so popular, and I think they look really great....
But I think I am too short and would have to wear huge heels which kinda defeats the casual/comfy look vibe.
Summer has yet to show in dear old Ontario so I guess I'll wait and see.

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Apr 14, 2011

Cut Out Shirt

Hi everyone... Remember me? I used to hang out here all the time!! but lately I've been hard to find.

I went to Toronto for couple days and had my first exam earlier today so its been a little busy around here. Guess what I have for you today?! A cool DIY from LoveMeagan that I tried out.

Here is her's: 

And Here is Mine!:

It was pretty easy, and I decided not to cut out the shoulder so all around I am very happy with it.

Only one problem: The edges were left unfinished and started to pull a little even though it is jersey. So I spent some time over the weekend hand sewing a tiny little hem around all of the holes, tiny because I didn't really leave a seam allowance for it. 

I am a little disappointed in how it turned out after the alteration in the end because the geometric look of the corners is lost and the bars are too thin. Also I don't have more new pictures for you because I am having a terribly unphotogenic day, so you get another cute one from before.

If I were to do it again I would:
- Make the bars between the holes wider to allow for a hem, 
- Practice my hand stitching and use some more patience,  
- Perhaps use some fusible reinforcer.
- Figure out a way to use bias tape that might preserve the crisp edges.

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Apr 5, 2011

Feeling Accomplished

I am on the communications team for my local AIESEC chapter. AIESEC is awesome and if you are a university student you should definitely check it out at your school (we are in 110 countries so I'm guessing you have one), its all about leadership and global internships and travel and awesome good times.

ANYways, I Stumbled 70 GIMP Tutorials and thought I would see whether I could figure something out for our display board.

I used this one: Light Effects
and made this!:

I know its a little in your face but I am so proud of myself, the tutorial was for one letter but I went ahead and did six! and I added the stars all by myself!

Ok I'm done bragging. Time to do some homework.

~Be Inspired~

Apr 4, 2011

Sunburst Gathered Dress

I don't think this is what it is actually called but it makes sense to me.

Dirty Hair Halo made her own! Sorta... its a temporary DIY which is my favourite :)

My roommate got this cute dress from Jacob that I can't find online, it is purple and strapless, kind somewhere between these two. It doesn't fit me :( Its a little fancy for everyday wear anyways.

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Apr 3, 2011

Update: Poached eggs with all the good stuff

I am not very good at poaching eggs. That is to say mine came out more like a medium boiled egg than the soft yolks I had been hoping for.

The mayo, avocado, bacon combo was fabulous though. I might give frying the egg a try next time, even though it is less healthy.

Bacon and Swiss Chard Pasta tonight, always ready to try something new :D

~Be Inspired~