Mar 30, 2011

Going to the grocery store....

I'm gunna make some of these:

Or maybe some of these

Definately this tomorrow morning

I only need the avocado really :D

And maybe some of this for the weekend, its practically BBQ season right?

Wish me Luck!!

~Be Inspired~

Mar 29, 2011

Pink Pants

Never done laundry before and thought "hey new red socks and my white pants totally can go in the same load" Would you rock them new pink pants anyways??

Blue is in Fashion this Year and many street stylish/blogettes have given it a go.

Zara shop online

Natalie Off Duty

Urban Outfitters

Isabel Marant Spring 2011

I think I will make it a summer challenge. First I have to find some workable white pants to throw in with that red sock.

~Be Inspired~

Mar 28, 2011

IKEA Lack Shelves

I am determined that next time I move will I take better advantage of the versatility of Ikea items, since I move so much I shouldn't have to wait that long. One such item is the Lack floating shelf. I came across an article on  Apartment Therapy about using these fabulous shelves all over your home. I found some examples of my own!

Lack Shelf:
If you dont like the colour go ahead and paint it.

Dont want to commit to a photo wall arrangement? Use Lack!

Alcove to Desk area? Lack lack lack!


Open kitchen shelves, only if you have nice matching plate-ware and cups unlike me :P
I really like this look... in case you were wondering...

Stylish bathroom shelves

Most of these pretty interiors are courtesy of Decor Pod.
Great site, not sure if its just for the photos or if they are actually selling something but if you want some inspiration the search tool is pretty good.
So yeah, I'm pretty sure with a little figuring out you can recreate any of these rooms with the help of Ikea furniture for far less dough than would otherwise cost you.

~Be Inspired~

Mar 27, 2011

Good Morning Coffee

Yesterday I was too lazy to make coffee in the morning. Today I am much happier

~be Inspired~ 

Mar 26, 2011

New Necklace!

I think its very pretty, and it goes with everything!
AND guess what?
I made it!

I'm sure you probably aren't that surprised, though I would like to think it doesn't scream hand made.

I was inspired by the Lanvin necklace DIY over at ...Love Meagan, but went with a darker colour scheme. also the layout of the original didn't turn out so well for mine, probably because my chain was too short.

Original Lanvin necklace in the teal

Unflattering picture of the ugly first try... I didn't have enough dangly bits it seems

So yeah it ended up looking nothing like the original idea but I am happy with the result. Maybe if I get some softer fabric I will try again with the big petals.

~Be Inspired~

ps. there is a glitch with my system that is causing a big gap up there... no idea how to fix it. Sorry!

Mar 21, 2011

Its Spring!

Right?? Riiiigghhtt?

Maybe not. I had a lovely day yesterday out in my light jacket and sneakers, so glad to leave the boots at home for the first time in months. Then I woke up this morning to snow, lots and lots of new white fluffly unwanted snow.

Regardless here are some nice springy things to brighten my mood.

Style Scrapbook - DIY clutch

Thank you polyvore colour filter!

Extra large photos today.

~Be Inspired~

Mar 17, 2011


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Quick Post!! DIY Envelope Clutch

swellmayde: DIY envelope clutch:

This clutch is so on trend and looks tres easy to make! Top stitching is always the best way to make your projects look polished. Check out the tutorial on her website.

Great job swell mayde, I will definately be following you in the future.

~Be Inspired~

Mar 14, 2011

Underground Explorations

Have you heard of StumbleUpon?
I can't recall if I mentioned it here before but in case I haven't... it is the BEST!!
Basically the idea is you go through all their "interest" options, select the ones you fancy and click go! (or in this case "Stumble") What happens next is the best part; a new webpage opens that you have never seen before but relates to your previously mentioned interests!! Its like surfing the web for dummies. Best procrastination tool ever.

Ok, I hope I have created some converts. Here is what I stumbled just now that I wanted to share, I thought it was pretty cool.

Steve Duncan Photo Essay

Victorian Drainage Tunnel, Nottingham, England

Utility Tunnel, Stockholm, Sweden

Fleet River Sewer, London, England

Subway Tracks, NYC, United States

Catacombs, Paris, France

Old Croton Aqueduct, NYC, United States

Park River, Hartford, United States

Sewer, Rome, Italy

 I don't know about you, but I think these are pretty cool. Check out the rest at the link up top if you agree.

~Be Inspired~

Mar 11, 2011

Dress Refashion

Hi all,
There has been a bit of a  lag in posting mainly because school has gotten a little more demanding lately and I was away over the weekend.
I wanted to show you a refashion of a dress I have had for quite some time but never wore much because its a little too big for me and hangs down pretty low in the front.
I didn't plan on blogging this so the only pictures I have are from events that I wore it, I hope my friends are ok with their pictures being up here! (I did get them off facebook so its not like they are private anyways :P)

Here is the only one I have of before:

Thats me and by best friend from highschool Tzvia in Cuba. I wore the dress as a beach cover up because it was so over-sized.

You maybe be wondering why I bought it so big? I dont really know, it was on sale and I thought I could fix it at home but It never really got better.


TADA! I added a pretty ruffle around the neck and wore a black slip (that appears to be fraying a lot)
I think It looks really nice, kinda reminds me of Julianne Moore on the InStlye cover

 I flatter myself ;)

Thats all folks!!

~Be Inspired~

ps. Isnt that the cutest picture of me and the boyfriend? We kinda match :D