Mar 11, 2011

Dress Refashion

Hi all,
There has been a bit of a  lag in posting mainly because school has gotten a little more demanding lately and I was away over the weekend.
I wanted to show you a refashion of a dress I have had for quite some time but never wore much because its a little too big for me and hangs down pretty low in the front.
I didn't plan on blogging this so the only pictures I have are from events that I wore it, I hope my friends are ok with their pictures being up here! (I did get them off facebook so its not like they are private anyways :P)

Here is the only one I have of before:

Thats me and by best friend from highschool Tzvia in Cuba. I wore the dress as a beach cover up because it was so over-sized.

You maybe be wondering why I bought it so big? I dont really know, it was on sale and I thought I could fix it at home but It never really got better.


TADA! I added a pretty ruffle around the neck and wore a black slip (that appears to be fraying a lot)
I think It looks really nice, kinda reminds me of Julianne Moore on the InStlye cover

 I flatter myself ;)

Thats all folks!!

~Be Inspired~

ps. Isnt that the cutest picture of me and the boyfriend? We kinda match :D

1 comment:

Satis said...

I think your refashioning is FANTASTIC. That dress never looked so good...