Mar 28, 2011

IKEA Lack Shelves

I am determined that next time I move will I take better advantage of the versatility of Ikea items, since I move so much I shouldn't have to wait that long. One such item is the Lack floating shelf. I came across an article on  Apartment Therapy about using these fabulous shelves all over your home. I found some examples of my own!

Lack Shelf:
If you dont like the colour go ahead and paint it.

Dont want to commit to a photo wall arrangement? Use Lack!

Alcove to Desk area? Lack lack lack!


Open kitchen shelves, only if you have nice matching plate-ware and cups unlike me :P
I really like this look... in case you were wondering...

Stylish bathroom shelves

Most of these pretty interiors are courtesy of Decor Pod.
Great site, not sure if its just for the photos or if they are actually selling something but if you want some inspiration the search tool is pretty good.
So yeah, I'm pretty sure with a little figuring out you can recreate any of these rooms with the help of Ikea furniture for far less dough than would otherwise cost you.

~Be Inspired~

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