Mar 26, 2011

New Necklace!

I think its very pretty, and it goes with everything!
AND guess what?
I made it!

I'm sure you probably aren't that surprised, though I would like to think it doesn't scream hand made.

I was inspired by the Lanvin necklace DIY over at ...Love Meagan, but went with a darker colour scheme. also the layout of the original didn't turn out so well for mine, probably because my chain was too short.

Original Lanvin necklace in the teal

Unflattering picture of the ugly first try... I didn't have enough dangly bits it seems

So yeah it ended up looking nothing like the original idea but I am happy with the result. Maybe if I get some softer fabric I will try again with the big petals.

~Be Inspired~

ps. there is a glitch with my system that is causing a big gap up there... no idea how to fix it. Sorry!

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