Mar 14, 2011

Underground Explorations

Have you heard of StumbleUpon?
I can't recall if I mentioned it here before but in case I haven't... it is the BEST!!
Basically the idea is you go through all their "interest" options, select the ones you fancy and click go! (or in this case "Stumble") What happens next is the best part; a new webpage opens that you have never seen before but relates to your previously mentioned interests!! Its like surfing the web for dummies. Best procrastination tool ever.

Ok, I hope I have created some converts. Here is what I stumbled just now that I wanted to share, I thought it was pretty cool.

Steve Duncan Photo Essay

Victorian Drainage Tunnel, Nottingham, England

Utility Tunnel, Stockholm, Sweden

Fleet River Sewer, London, England

Subway Tracks, NYC, United States

Catacombs, Paris, France

Old Croton Aqueduct, NYC, United States

Park River, Hartford, United States

Sewer, Rome, Italy

 I don't know about you, but I think these are pretty cool. Check out the rest at the link up top if you agree.

~Be Inspired~

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Satis said...

Good thing there are pictures of these tunnels...otherwise Roy would never see them!