Feb 24, 2011

Quick Post!!!

I am sick today with a nasty chest cough and I cant find my cough syrup.
I hate when I get sick over reading week, it feels like such a waste.
I also tend to whine a lot when I am feeling crappy... In case you hadn't noticed.

What evs, brush it off

I am at my parent's house and there are a bunch of funny pictures on the computer. I love how my shirt looks with the "HDR-ish" effect from Picnik.

I was told by a friend I should explain some of the features on this here blog.

  • First the "Love it, Want it, Need it" options at the end of each post: these are a simple way of leaving your comments without having to go through the whole captcha song and dance. If the post is about a fashion trend, an outfit or even something I made let me know what you think right off the bat!
  • Second: I changed the font for my tag on the bottom of my pictures. I was told the old one was tacky or something. I think his exact words were "its worse than Comic Sans".... which I'm told is pretty bad.
Thats about it for today... but seriously peeps, if you are out there please let me know what you think! I write this blog a little bit just to get some of the endless ideas out of my head but mostly I do it for the chance to connect with someone out there. So let me hear it :D

~Be Inspired~


Satis said...

I liked your old font. It was inspired. ;)

Gabriel Gervais-Houle said...

I wish I knew how to wear scarfs like you.