Feb 15, 2011

The Grammy Favourites

Music's Biggest Night!

So I didn't watch the whole thing live, but I caught bits and pieces and definitely had a chance to check out the outfits.

Here are my favourites:

Kelly Osbourne - loving the ragged ruffles 

Jennifer Hudson - loving the asymmetrical hem

I have to say it, those two look so fabulous these days!!! Both have put s much work into their health and it shows, the beautiful dresses don't hurt either :P

Margret Cho - Funny and sexy, love how this dress complements her tattoos

Julianne Hough - I could actually see myself in this one

Eva La Rue - what a figure

Sarah Bareilles - so cute :D

Selma Blair - adorable baby bump

Katy Perry - something a little more flashy, so no one thinks I am a stick in the mud

So even though I didnt really watch the Grammys I was able to enjoy my favourite part (the red carpet) via the lovely internet. 

~Be Inspired~

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