Feb 14, 2011

Finding Inpiration at PotteryBarn.com

I know I don't own a house, but I love interior decor. A girl can dream about having a Pottery Barn home someday can't she? Of course.

For now I will be content making pretty wall art, pillows and lamps for my more settled friends and family. Such as my parents, who can't say no to a pretty pillow made by yours truly :D

Here are a few things I think I could totally pull off:

Botanical Wall Art
Oversized Table Pedestal Floor Lamp

Pretty Butterfly Pillows

Wooden Shoe Ladder (I would probably make mine a little less "distressed")

On a side note: Did you know you can buy a set of vintage keys for $20
~Be Inspired~

1 comment:

MeL said...

Please tell me where you get that lamp from. I love it!!!