Feb 28, 2011

Happy and Sad

My friend Gabe from Kaleidoughscope of Writing wrote about some things that make him happy and sad. Its a great list that has inspired me to make one of my own. I can't classify any of these as the things that make me MOST happy, or MOST sad but they are the first things that came to my head at this moment.

Things that make me Sad:

  • When people come to costume parties without a costume. Its as if they don't respect the hosts and their friends enough to make even an iota of effort, even whilst knowing that the party probably took a lot of time to put together. UGH.

Emily and I getting ready for Value Village Prom, we know how to attend a themed party!

  • Reading fashion magazines: they have so much nice stuff I will never have :P
  • My spelling, it still surprises me how I can read so much but still rely so heavily on spell check.
  • Living without pets. I grew up with cats and dogs and fish and even a bird. Now I am at school renting with a classmate and I have no pets.  
  • Knowing that the marks I get in school do not reflect my intelligence. It boils down to procrastination: my biggest crutch and shortcoming. 
  • Losing close friends because either one or both of us are bad at keeping in touch over long distances. 
  • Movie scenes or TV shows where parents die. For some reason, above all the sappy love stuff that gets most people choked up, I will always tear up when a kid loses a parent. Moms and Dads: Love you guys!
  • Feeling like I have so much when most of the world has so little, but knowing that if given the choice I wouldn't give it all up.

Things that make me Happy:

  • Finding money in an old jacket or pair of jeans.
  • Winning something in Roll up the Rim to Win
  • Cuddling with my boyfriend while watching a good TV show or movie. He is my replacement pet, mentioned above.

  • Reading the Pioneer Woman Confessions, her stories about ranching and pets make me yearn for the great wide open a little less. Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff is pretty hilarious and genius as well. 
  • Getting to the cash register and discovering something you were already buying is on sale! Also buying something that is super on sale but really cute. I got a pair of shoes that fit this description the other day :D
  • Seeing something I like and knowing I can make it myself.
  • The look on people's faces when they find out I made something with my own two hands.
  • Running into someone you haven't seen in a long time and there being no weirdness or hesitation, you just fall right back into old patterns and hangout like no time has past. Its hard to find friends like that, I hope we can keep falling into our easy rhythms :)

Thats all for today, thanks Gabe for the great idea! My step-mom used to get us all to say our favourite part of the week at weekend dinners and I think I might start something similar here. On Fridays I will try and list a couple good things and bad things that happened in the preceding week, thinking of them together usually helps me feel better, giving the crappy stuff some perspective.

Have a great week!

~Be Inspired~


Satis said...

Re: spelling sadness...you mean lose, not loose... teehee

Kate S. said...

Exactly! I will be fixing that momentarily