Feb 27, 2011


How could I forget so easily?! I was all excited for the launch of Urban Outfitter's bridal line, I posted about it  here, and when I went to look on the 14th it still wasn't open so I forgot all about it till now!


As anticipated it is fabulous, one surprise for me was that the collection is affiliated with Athropologie not UB. Oops, my sources must have been confused. Regardless lets take a look, shall we?

These three caught my eye as the more traditional of the bunch, I love the vintage looking ivory colour and the drapery.

I can imagine the desire to be a more modern fashion-forward bride poses many challenges when looking for the perfect dress. Well look no further I would wear the one on the left in a heart beat!

BHLDN website
Bridesmaids in every colour!
This isn't the only totally cute dress that comes in multiple hues. Also some stunning options for wedding guests.

Shoes and Accessories to die for
A small sample will be shown bellow, there are literally too many for me to bare, I want them all! 

Simply stunning ;)


I went boarding at Mount Tremblant today, it was glorious! The sun was shinning, the snow was pretty good and the temperature stayed up! This will probably be my last trip out this season and I couldnt have spent it with a better crowd :)

Hope everyone who had reading week this past week enjoyed themselves and got some moments of rest squeezed in. For those who didn't get the pleasure, enjoy the Oscars tonight at least! I will be recording it, but as I have a midterm tomorrow morning, it would be irresponsible to sit for that length of time doing anything other than study. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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