Feb 19, 2011

Mirror Renew

I had this gold mirror that my dad gave me when I moved out of residence two years ago to brighten up the place. I was bored one day last year and thought I would try my hand at glittering... not a good idea, I ran out of green glitter so the cover wasn't consistent and my room was a mess
Unfortunately it turned out a little garish really and I grew to hate a mirror that I once didn't really think twice about.

I thought about taking a "before" picture after I had already begun taping it up. As you can see I left the gold around the edge when I glittered and will do the same with my next do over

You can see here a little better how uneven the glitter was...

So next plan!



I love spray paint, the whole idea of it - so fast to coat, quick drying, total symbol of being a rebel.
The only problem is I am a little trigger happy. I have yet to master the art of many thin coats.

There is the paint I used, got it at Walmart for pretty cheap. As you can see I got it on there pretty thick so it took a rather long time to dry.

If you didn't notice in the previous shot a bit of the paint got bellow the tape on the outside edge. This gave me the idea to do a little "distressing" on the gold part. I used my fingers to rub some of the black paint over the engraved outside and it turned out pretty cool! :)

So for some reason  I didn't take any pictures of it on the wall... But its next to some charcoal drawings of mine and looks pretty darn good!

Thats all for now, Happy Weekend!

~Be Inspired~ 

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pdks said...

Inspired is an under statement. Well done, Kate! D.