Feb 1, 2011

What a day!

Yesterday was one of those days man, one of those days where you drag yourself through the front door at 10 pm and crawl straight to bed. Thankfully not everything went wrong yesterday, I got my application for international exchange in on time!!!
And by on time I mean 30 minutes before the office closed. Wheeew!

Of course it is my own fault for putting off writing the five cover letters for each of the institutions I applied to for waaay too long. In all honesty this is kind of how I end up doing most things, but I am constantly trying to get better!

I also happened to miss a quiz yesterday morning trying to get everything else together on time. Thankfully my professor was kind enough to let me take with another section of the class this morning :D

I shall now have a coffee and watch some Gossip Girl.

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