May 8, 2011

Outfit Post - Maxi Dress

As promised I am sharing outfit posts now that its spring and I can actually look cute! I am 5'5" and I went for the  maxi dress look, which means ANYONE can do it!!

What I'm wearing:
- Calvin Klein jean jacket (think I got it at Costco actually)
- My sister's H&M sandals (also some random black flats which she decided was not ideal)
- Striped maxi dress from Winners! I love that place
- Necklace from Cuba in 2008

Jane Soper, my brilliant photographer sister, has agreed to help me out this summer with photo shoots! I'm super excited and you should be too!

My sister was doing my photography for me and decided I was too stiff... then things got a little silly.

Those ones at least don't show my stupid faces or crazy hair :P

Thanks for stopping by, maybe I'll have a finished project ready for you tomorrow!

~Be Inspired~


Cristina @FUJI FILES said...

I've come THIS close to buying a striped maxi dress, but chickened out. This one looks awesome on you though! Maybe I do need one ;)

xx Cristina

Shilpi said...

gorgeous maxi dress! Love it, so flattering on you



Kate S. said...

Thanks guys! and thanks for checking my blog out!