May 25, 2011

Night at the Theatre

My lovely father took me and my sister to a play downtown the other day. We saw "Calender Girls" and it was really fun but I have to admit, the movie was quite a bit better. Its hard to make movies into plays, I found that so much depth is lost. There are less characters, only one setting and the lines sound so contrived because of the actors' need to project.If it had been a musical I would be singing a different tune (ha ha).

Regardless it was an enjoyable evening and my outfit was cute!

Dress: H&M (on sale! woot! Strangely tight over the bossom area) 
Jacket: I handmade it from an old pattern of my mom's
Shoes: My sister's slightly salt stained but still cute
Bag: Roots via Cost-co
Belt, bangles and necklace: vintage/old enough that I don't know where they came from

My mom and stepmom said I look like Peter Pan in this dress, which I don't get because he wears green tights. Oh well, I like it :)

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eeep! Caught! Thanks Meg :)