May 7, 2011

When life gets in the way

I feel terrible every time I think of the fact I haven't been on here since APRIL! If anyone still cares, here is what has been keeping me away for so long:

- I finished my third year of University, exams and all (woot!!)

- I packed all of my posessions into a minivan (minus a few sad items that didnt make the space limit cut)

- I drove said minivan full of all of my posessions and furniture to Toronto

- Where I convinced my parents it wasnt that much stuff and they could store it for me. (Love you Mom!)

- I finalized my contract for my summer job, which I start on Tuesday

- I went to to the fabric store and bought some great fabric for upcoming projects!

Look at all that!

This will be a dress


Skirt for work

I am very excited!
~Be Inspired~

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