May 26, 2011

Back bone slip

I am a big fan of this shirt:

Pixie Market shiffon denim shirt 1.jpg_effected

I was alterted to it through, which is a super great blog full of totally do-it-yourselfable finds like this one.

Pixie Market shiffon denim shirt 3.jpg_effected

How easy would that be?!

Pixie Market shiffon denim shirt 2.jpg_effected

I shall file it under "to dos". This is starting to become a very large file...

This shirt originally came from Pixie Market, even though I can't find it on the site anymore you should still go check out thier stuff, its all really funky and decently priced.

~Be Inspired~

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swellmayde said...

officially inspired... thanks for sharing! can't wait to see if you try it :)

take care, aimee
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