May 16, 2011

Quick Bar Night Outfit

Happy Monday friends!
I know I had a bit of trouble getting myself into work this morning, especially with the nasty weather. Hope it wasn't too bad for all of you.
My housemate from last year just put up some shots from one of our last nights out in Ottawa before coming home for the summer and I thought I could share a cute (and a little amateur-hour) outfit shot with you!

Shirt: J Crew and I love it, it looks like an abstract watercolour, especially up close. 
Shoes: super on sale at Urban Planet a couple years ago and are my go to night out shoes because they are so comfy but still high enough to make me feel sexy
Everything else: old enough that I really cant remember where it all came from

I hope to be back with a DIY or two this week!

~Be Inspired~

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