May 30, 2011

I dont like Mondays

I came across this store online called "i don't like mondays" and they had the most amazing DIY inspiration! I say DIY because all of their stuff is a little out of my price range, so the only way I will ever wear any of it is if I make it with my own two hands. :) Sometimes its so awesome being crafty.
After going to my friend's metal show last weekend I realised I have no black clothing anymore! Since then I have subconsciously been drawn to some of the darker fashion trends. Don't get me wrong, I still love a good pastel or neon, but something about the biker-rock-chic look is really calling to me.

So for your Monday viewing pleasure, all of my (hopefully) future projects:

Cut out shorts - easy peasy

I kinda want to buy these, they also come in black
Thats all for now!
~Be Inspired~

May 26, 2011

Back bone slip

I am a big fan of this shirt:

Pixie Market shiffon denim shirt 1.jpg_effected

I was alterted to it through, which is a super great blog full of totally do-it-yourselfable finds like this one.

Pixie Market shiffon denim shirt 3.jpg_effected

How easy would that be?!

Pixie Market shiffon denim shirt 2.jpg_effected

I shall file it under "to dos". This is starting to become a very large file...

This shirt originally came from Pixie Market, even though I can't find it on the site anymore you should still go check out thier stuff, its all really funky and decently priced.

~Be Inspired~

May 25, 2011

Night at the Theatre

My lovely father took me and my sister to a play downtown the other day. We saw "Calender Girls" and it was really fun but I have to admit, the movie was quite a bit better. Its hard to make movies into plays, I found that so much depth is lost. There are less characters, only one setting and the lines sound so contrived because of the actors' need to project.If it had been a musical I would be singing a different tune (ha ha).

Regardless it was an enjoyable evening and my outfit was cute!

Dress: H&M (on sale! woot! Strangely tight over the bossom area) 
Jacket: I handmade it from an old pattern of my mom's
Shoes: My sister's slightly salt stained but still cute
Bag: Roots via Cost-co
Belt, bangles and necklace: vintage/old enough that I don't know where they came from

My mom and stepmom said I look like Peter Pan in this dress, which I don't get because he wears green tights. Oh well, I like it :)

~Be Inspired~

Quick Fingernail Rescue!

I know I am getting behind again with my posting, I am just so tired of being on the computer by the time I get home from work. All I want to do is sew and snack. But tomorrow I promise I will sew, snack and post!

For today here is some brilliant advice from Karen @ The Art of Doing Stuff, she seriously isn't afraid to try anything! Including owning backyard chickens, which I admit I have asked my mom to do for years, shes not as keen as I hoped she would be...

So for your manicure emergency: How to mend a broken nail!!

These are the materials you need.
And of course a torn nail.

Head over to The Art of Doing Stuff for the complete How To!

~Be Inspired~

May 18, 2011

Basic Button Up

I was catching up on some missed posts from Blue is in fashion this year and saw this collage she made. I love her collages and would wear 75% of those looks in an instant. Simple, chic, summery!

What do you think?!

~Be Inspired

May 17, 2011

Any day now


This picture makes me wish I was somewhere far more pleasant than stupid Toronto in this stupid drizzly cold weather.
July 27th could not come fast enough!! That's when I go on my fabulous cruise by the way, I'll tell you more about it later.
Remind me to buy both those men's wardrobes for my dear boyfriend. I think they are way better dressed than the ladies in this shot and he needs all the help he can get to keep up with me! ;)

~Be Inspired~

May 16, 2011

Quick Bar Night Outfit

Happy Monday friends!
I know I had a bit of trouble getting myself into work this morning, especially with the nasty weather. Hope it wasn't too bad for all of you.
My housemate from last year just put up some shots from one of our last nights out in Ottawa before coming home for the summer and I thought I could share a cute (and a little amateur-hour) outfit shot with you!

Shirt: J Crew and I love it, it looks like an abstract watercolour, especially up close. 
Shoes: super on sale at Urban Planet a couple years ago and are my go to night out shoes because they are so comfy but still high enough to make me feel sexy
Everything else: old enough that I really cant remember where it all came from

I hope to be back with a DIY or two this week!

~Be Inspired~

May 11, 2011


Seeing as it was my first day at my new job as a summer temp I thought a fun feature on fashionable temporary additions would be appropriate.

I first thought of the idea when I saw this article on

Temporary Lip tattoos are apparently the new "fashion challenge"; who can pull it off?!

I think the pink one is pretty cute but I don't think I can pull it off...

Other more traditional temps:


High fashion via Sophy Robson

More of a do it yourself option :)


Love this photo, Chanel has a couple to choose from

Henna is a fun thing to get into with your artsy friends
Yes, that's my hand!

Hair Extensions

I kid :P

Feather extensions! With a tutorial here on how to do it at home

That's all for now folks, have a great Wednesday!!

~Be Inspired~

May 8, 2011

Outfit Post - Maxi Dress

As promised I am sharing outfit posts now that its spring and I can actually look cute! I am 5'5" and I went for the  maxi dress look, which means ANYONE can do it!!

What I'm wearing:
- Calvin Klein jean jacket (think I got it at Costco actually)
- My sister's H&M sandals (also some random black flats which she decided was not ideal)
- Striped maxi dress from Winners! I love that place
- Necklace from Cuba in 2008

Jane Soper, my brilliant photographer sister, has agreed to help me out this summer with photo shoots! I'm super excited and you should be too!

My sister was doing my photography for me and decided I was too stiff... then things got a little silly.

Those ones at least don't show my stupid faces or crazy hair :P

Thanks for stopping by, maybe I'll have a finished project ready for you tomorrow!

~Be Inspired~

May 7, 2011

When life gets in the way

I feel terrible every time I think of the fact I haven't been on here since APRIL! If anyone still cares, here is what has been keeping me away for so long:

- I finished my third year of University, exams and all (woot!!)

- I packed all of my posessions into a minivan (minus a few sad items that didnt make the space limit cut)

- I drove said minivan full of all of my posessions and furniture to Toronto

- Where I convinced my parents it wasnt that much stuff and they could store it for me. (Love you Mom!)

- I finalized my contract for my summer job, which I start on Tuesday

- I went to to the fabric store and bought some great fabric for upcoming projects!

Look at all that!

This will be a dress


Skirt for work

I am very excited!
~Be Inspired~