Jan 31, 2011

Hey Check Her Out

Guess what guys?! Its time for my first outfit post! I know everyone is as terrified as I am.

What I've got on:
Urban Outfitters Top, got it with a Christmas gift certificate just a couple days ago and I am super happy with it :)
H&M Necklace, simple and vintagey feeling
Levis Jeans, they are a nice sturdy pair of pants that I have had for quite some time now
Urban Outfitters Hat, which I got on sale!

Now I want everyone to be aware: I do not consider myself a trend setter or an extremely fashion forward person. I would like to think I am well dressed, and on occasion I might take a risk or two, but in general I look like this. Jeans and a cute top are my staple, though I am trying to move towards skirts and tights it is still too freezing here to consider.

Also I am new to photo editing and am currently using Picnik. I realise that the photos don't all match exactly but I promise I will make an effort to improve my skills soon.

Thats all for now, hopefully this will become a more frequent occurrence around here!

Look its my boyfriend! and my ship wall art..

~ Be Inspired ~

ps. I rent so please forgive the red walls :D

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