Jan 20, 2011

Welcoming Party

When I decided that I was finally going to take myself seriously and start a blog I never imagined that I would face obstacles that had the power to make me want to turn and run right off the bat: 
  • Choosing the title was the first hiccup. I bounced back and forth between wanting it to me "edgy" or whimsicle or even competely random. (Some contesters: "Hold that call", "Belt Buckles", "Under your Jacket").   I read a couple blogs already and their names all seem to be well thought out and appropriate. Examples: The Art of Doing Stuff no messing around there, Blue is in fashion this year kinda random but a great blog, I am momma hear me roar so cute and clever! Anyways I went with something more simple and true to what this blog will actually be about.
  • Next hurdle: not sounding like an idiot. It is very hard to write this first post and I promise to try and ramble less while still staying honest and true to who I am in the future. But this isnt a purely fashion blog or just a craft tutorial site, though it will have elements of both, this is MY blog where I come to share what inspires me. Maybe some day I will inspire someone else.

Thats all I've got for today, thanks for stopping by, I will be back soon and maybe give a little outline of what kind of thing to expect from Kate Inspired.

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