Nov 20, 2011

A Common Question

Often I have people ask me why I care about "fashion" because I in no way can afford the items I seem to covet from the runway and editorial shoots. On my last post a friend posted a comment that has inspired me to write an open letter of sorts, more of a one shot response, to all those nay-sayers:

Perhaps cars aren't your thing, but a lot of people will faun over the hottest new sports car regardless of whether they will ever be able to afford them, and no one thinks that is weird. Some of us like to imagine a world where we could wear an Elie Saab creation (and have somewhere to wear it ;P), its not so different in that respect.
For me its more than that, the runway really does inspire my clothing choices, even if I cant wear the exact outfit, I can emulate the colour or cut. A video that I've always felt speaks to how I feel, click the link bellow Meryl :D

So the gist: Its not about the individual item or what you can afford today, because everything is connected. You are part of the fashion world whether you want to be or not. All I did was choose an active role.

~Be Inspired~


Gabriel Gervais-Houle said...

You perfectly answered my question, thanks Kate!

I guess the car example works, but I'm not your typical car-loving guy, hahaha. I hate most cars/trucks, if anything.

I guess I try to be concerned more with reality as it is, instead of striving to achieve an ideal.

But now I totally get these fashion blogs.

... I need fashion advice.


GIAA said...

couldn't agree more!