Jun 22, 2011

Where the Caravan Camels Roam

It is a little over a month until I go on a cruise to the Eastern Mediterranean with my family and I am starting to have serious concerns about my ability to pack an appropriate wardrobe. We are going to Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt and Italy, which means we are spending lots of time in places where certain attire (read modest) is required. This, coupled with 40 degree weather, is going to make getting dressed every morning very challenging.

So to help me out I am beginning to gather inspiration, which I will share with you here. I am also, to pass time at work, drawing a picture of each item I plan on bringing on a sticky note, so I can lay them all out and imagine combinations. :) I'm cool like that.

Super relaxed and funky

Hello colour!!

Cute! but might be a bit short for some of the churches etc.

Accordion skirt is definitely coming, along with a white and black top :D

Midnight in Paris had some super European outfits

Need to get me a lace top

like seriously
I have a jumpsuit that might make the trip :)

I have a vintage skirt from my mom that looks a lot like this! 

Cute dress+Hat
Photos from: Colour Collective, Blue is in Fashion this yearSterling Style, Frassy, Midnight in Paris (the movie), Because I'm Addicted

That's all for today, be back again soon I hope

~Be Inspired~


Cristina @FUJI FILES said...

Love Isabel's look!

xo Cristina

Fashionistable said...

You are going to some great places. Having been to them all I can say the only time you will need to worry about what you are wearing is for the churches and the holy sites. Otherwise you can wear what you like. Xxxx

Kate S. said...

I am really excited :D The whole trip is focused around the Holy Land theme so lots of churches and religious sights.

Thanks for stopping by!!