Jun 2, 2011

Envelope Clutch

I finally did it! I made the Swellymayde DIY envelope clutch that I posted about here.

I decided to line it! Let me tell you, more effort than it was worth I think, but looks nice :)

You can see both me and my dog are super photogenic at times... NAWT

Mine is made from less stiff vinyl than the inspiration but I quite like floppy the look I get from it.
Still want to add a button, I'll get right on that :P

Here's to finally getting to projects on my "future projects" list! Hip Hip..... Hoorraayyy

~Be Inspired~


girl said...

Kate I love it! Make me one too, hehe! I think you should put a gold button.
Also, nice socks :P

Kate S. said...

Thanks hun! I kinda forgot my shoes inside... lol